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(Please see below for our cheap-n-easy new pricing and shipping policies!)

The new CD is finally available!

After months and months of stirring and seasoning, it is at long last soup! Yep, Melissa's newest CD Lucky Girl is officially ready for you!

BCHR001  Melissa Martin and the Mighty Rhythm Kings: Lucky Girl
  1. As Long As I'm Moving
  2. Everything I Do Is Wrong
  3. How Can I Sing The Blues
  4. It's All Right
  5. Send Me To The Electric Chair
  6. I'm Not Gonna Fall In Love With You
  7. Sweet Thief
  8. Nobody Loves You Like Me
  9. I Want To Shout About It
  10. You Break It You Bought It
  11. Big Time Operator
  12. Woke Up This Morning
  13. Don't Be True
  14. As Long As I'm Moving (reprise)

Another cool option that can save you the $3.00 shipping and handling fee (not to mention a penny off the price!) and give you that oh-so-21st-century burst of instant gratification is to purchase the album in mp3 format from by clicking here!

On The Mark is still on the market!

Also still available for your listening pleasure is On The Mark, the debut studio release from Philadelphia's blues veterans Melissa Martin and the Mighty Rhythm Kings. The disc consists of eleven blues chestnuts carefully chosen to get you jumping and keep you jumping!

BB001  Melissa Martin and the Mighty Rhythm Kings: On The Mark
  1. Jump With You Baby
  2. Baby Baby Every Night
  3. You Don't Move Me No More
  4. Want Me Some Love
  5. I Want You To Be My Baby
  6. Boogie Woogie Daddy
  7. Let The Good Times Roll
  8. It's Love 24 Hours A Day
  9. Lovin' Machine
  10. Get On The Right Track
  11. Much Later For You

We still have some MRK T-shirts too!

Yep, you can still show the world your good taste in blues with a Mighty Rhythm Kings T-shirt. There are two styles to choose from. The black shirt has the full band name (Melissa Martin and the Mighty Rhythm Kings) on the front and "On The Mark" on the back. The blue shirts have front graphics only, featuring the shortened band name (Mighty Rhythm Kings) with the initials of same stylized above.

MRKT001 Black Shirt

MRKT002 Blue Shirt



All Melissa Martin and the Mighty Rhythm Kings CDs and T-shirts are now only $10! But that's crazy cheap, you say? What can we tell you--they don't do us any good in the warehouse!


All orders within the continental USA are now shipped for a flat $3.00 shipping and handling fee (which of course means the more stuff you buy, the less each thing costs you in shipping! Just sayin', is all). For locations beyond CONUS, please email us and we'll be happy to work up your order personally.

How to order

The easiest way is through the PayPal links next to each item. If e-commerce still gives you the willies, you may also send a check or money order for $10 per item you want plus $3 for shipping and handling to:

Melissa Martin and the Mighty Rhythm Kings
782 Avenue H
Glenside PA 19038